Episode #14!

Holy crap. Could it be? Another episode of Mysteries of the World? It could be, and it is.

In this episode, Erin recommends everyone buy a house because you can buy “so many things,” we talk about Baby Raul, worldwide viral superstardom, double drumsticking, Zach tells a story from childhood and, of course, we take it to the pie pod.

Article referenced in the “Internet Blow Ya Mind” segment:
“Google Lets You Manage Your Digital Life From Beyond the Grave”

Songs discussed in the “Music Review” segment:
James Blake – “Overgrown”
Paramore – “Still Into You”

Another funny thing is that throughout this episode we continually refer to a 2 year absence, but while updating the site just now it is clear that it’s been almost 3 years. Whoops!


  1. Excuse me?!? Your “stupid sister” prevented you from eating fruit rollups? We got fruit-by-foot instead because it was so much better. Buttermaster didn’t need that crap anyway.

  2. The fact still remains that you had braces Lindsay. Don’t hate.

  3. Very funny and entertaining

  4. I’ve never been so happy as I am now that Mysteries of the World its back.