Episode #13!

We’re back! In our comeback episode, we talk about the glory of chocolate malts, we hand you a moral dilemma for the ages, we go to the pie pod, and Erin hits ya with a crime update (clap clap!).

Articles referenced in the “Internet Blow Ya Mind” segment:
Wikipedia entry for Titanic
Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know What “German” Means

Songs discussed in the “Music Review” segment:
Best Coast– “Our Deal”
Katy Perry – “California Gurls”
The Avett Brothers – “I and Love and You”

Here’s the trailer for Cropsey:


  1. Tell your dad that we used to play pickle ball in high school in Saline back in the 90s.

  2. How can you love Titanic and not even want to see Avatar? They’re both enjoyable and hate-worthy in the same way: over-the-top cheesiness, predictable story lines, killer cinematography….

    Also, in defense of Bieber: it’s illegal to refer to Germany in Canada.

  3. the thing about titanic is that i am obsessed with real life things. when i was younger i only played with stuffed animals that looked as though they could be really alive.

    avatar is not a real life thing. the people are blue. and i think there are spaceships.

    you are totally right though that they are probably equals in terms of cheesiness and style. i am just too lazy to see for myself.

    and also, BIEBER FOR LYFE.

  4. kurt- i am eager to tell my dad this pickleball fact and expose him for the liar that he is.

  5. We don’t use that word.

    Saw the Biebs on SNL and thought of the podcast. That’s right, I am claiming, if we were doing a free associative exercise and someone said “Justin Bieber,” I would think Mysteries of the World, then try to spell Erin Cosens correctly when I Google it so Zach Curd doesn’t get an ego boost from yet another Google point in his favor, but then spell it Cousins anyway.

  6. Have you read Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’?

    I love Justin Bieber the same way the village loved Tessie Hutchinson.

  7. And, here you go. Ellen casts some stones.


    The Bieber is dead. Long live Chance.

    I hope we can get the turn-over rate on these pre-teen Youtube sensations to less than a day.

  8. Coming across this random piece of internet information made me think of the show.


    Who knew there was such a thing as ‘medicinal whiskey.’

  9. whats the deal? are you guys done for sure? and if so, conclude it properly, with a heads up! Also, cant find the first 4 episodes. Any luck with that?

  10. John!

    Fear not, we’re not gone forever! We’ve been talking about returning soon.

    First 4 episodes are here:


  11. Thanks Zach. now i have something to listen to tonight during my stupid rainy, stupid cold weather walk. I should have mentioned that i like the show earlier. With these 4 new tracks, i know have 4 less mysteries. of my world. word.