Episode #12!

Official word from the Prince of Sealand, a crime update (clap clap), and why do we need pain anyway?

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Article referenced in the “Internet Blow Ya Mind” segment:
Wikipedia entry for Sun Gun

OH CRAP, it turns out that garageband didn’t record the music segment of this episode! What a bummer! Try and imagine what we thought of these songs. We’ll make it right next week, promise.

Songs discussed in the fictional “Music Review” segment:
Rooney – “I Don’t Wanna Lose You”
White Wires – “Pretty Girl”
Grimes – “Avi”
The Luyas – “Tiny Head”


  1. RE: feeling pain. The podcast Stuff You Should Know did a show on people who can’t feel pain. I forget what the name of the disorder is, but apparently it SUCKS to have. I don’t remember a ton of the details, but apparently these people can’t feel the discomfort telling them to go to the bathroom, and that causes some big problems. Look it up.

  2. I saw a bit on a news analysis shows about a six year old girl who has that condition. The mother was saying how she’ll like break bones and not even know it.

  3. I’d take Face Tattoos McGee over Sandra Bullock (unless she was a nazi or she helped kill that baby). Sandra Bullock is boring. And I bet Face Tattoos loves metal.

    Also, Princess Sealand has some pretty edgy bangs for a beauty queen.

  4. You need pain. Let’s say you rent a wood chipper. You’ve been drinking for a few hours while chipping wood. Your neighbor comes over to talk to you about the wood chipper and chipping wood and such, and how he used to chip wood all of the time. So, you lean on something while talking to help you keep your balance. All of a sudden, you see a weird look on your neighbors face. You look down, and oh crap, you’ve been leaning your arm in the wood chipper and now it is gone. If you could feel pain you would only be out of a hand, and now you are missing your entire arm. I bet you wish you could have felt pain then. Also, if you can’t feel pain, you can’t feel pleasure, same nerves (I made that last part up, but it sounds like it could be true).

  5. My reviews of the songs:
    1) Rooney – “I Don’t Wanna Lose You”: This would be the perfect song for a movie montage where the main characters are driving around in a convertible. It is very happy sounding and catchy, but I’m not sure I could listen to it more than once.

    2) White Wires – “Pretty Girl”: I thought this one was almost OK. I like the fact that is sounds kind of raw, like a garage bandy kind of sound.

    3) Grimes – “Avi”: Not a fan at all.

    4) The Luyas – “Tiny Head”: Spoooky. Creeps me out.

  6. OK, my last post. I re-listened to “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” and “Pretty Girl” and talked it over with my wife. We think these would be great songs to play in the background at a party. So, these would make the happy party background songs mix.

  7. here is what i had said about the songs before that part of the podcast got deleted (which is a TRUE MYSTERY OF THE WORLD.)

    12th grade erin cosens would have loved the rooney song. but i am 2010 erin cosens and this song sounded exactly like those new weezer songs do, which are just kind of ok.

    two of the songs sounded like they would be perfect soundtracks to an anime movie, particularly during an epic battle scene. let’s say that mew II is about to rush in and take on pikachu, these songs would be playing.

    whichever song had the distortion over the vocals i thought was boring and repetitive.

    i then proceeded to go on and on about the new jakob dylan album i bought at starbucks, which prompted zach to then go on and on about how genius it is to sell cds at starbucks.

  8. Rooney – too catchy. It would quickly become annoying

    White Wires – sounds like a million other bands

    Grimes – somewhat undecided, but it wasn’t jumping out at me

    The Luyas – I dug it, but I liked ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’ better. Definitely worth further exploration

  9. My forensic-science-obsessed mind has a comment about the mysterious hair found at the crime scene. Are they completely sure every one of the investigators or the meter reader lint rolled their clothes before coming to work that day? I’m thinking it could be a clinger that fell off someone’s pants and onto the body. I’m sure if they looked real hard, there was some cat and/or dog hair around there too. Or maybe some cookie crumbs from the snack they had on the ride to the scene. Just a thought.

  10. oh man! so over the past 4 days i listened to all 12 episodes. this was done mostly while at work (i drive a whole bunch) or while mowing the lawn. i had so many things to say about a lot of stuff but i can’t remember most of it. HOWEVER, that story about tommy/brian and the internet love affair BLEW MY MIND. so, good job, internet!

    i really wish that you had a call in talk show because there was so much that i wanted to say but it really would have only worked in the moment. like, i also really enjoy sam adams beer.

    in conclusion, thanks for helping me remember how good the wallflowers are/were.

    oh, one more thing. have you seen the newest hungry howies commercial where the guy is singing about PIZZA LASERS?! who is making their ads????!

  11. Yeah Darin. That Hungry Howie’s commercial is insane, and I am glad you also like Sam Adams. I just tried that MEGA PILS or whatever it’s called and it was just OK. Coastal Wheat is the jam though.

  12. Do a live call-in episode! It would be awesome. But don’t forget about your West Coast listeners when you schedule it.