Episode #11!

Hard lemonade, our strip club contest winner, milling vs mulling, Zach’s new tattoo, Erin’s golf infatuation, Sealand and more.

Article referenced in the “Internet Blow Ya Mind” segment:
Wikipedia entry for Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Songs discussed in the “Music Review” segment:
The Futureheads – “Struck Dumb”
John Shade – “Here I Am”
Nurses – “Technicolor”
Common Loon – “Dinosaur Vs. Early Man”

Chris Graves’ Strip Club Tie!


  1. Picture of the tattoo?
    No crime update *clap-clap*?

    The internet story was TOO long.

    One listen never seems like enough to decide if you like a band or not. In fact, I find that if something is catchy enough to like it straight off, then it quickly wears thin. The bands I seem to like the best are those that I’m just, “Yeah, that’s okay. I guess” about. Then, as I listen more and more, I love it more and more.

    I’d comment more, but I get the feeling I’m the only person who comments that doesn’t know you personally and that makes me feel like maybe I’m a stalker-ish creep.

  2. D.T., tattoo is still healing. I’ll post a picture when it’s done doing it’s thing.

    Yes, while I was editing this episode I thought to myself “Boy, this internet story is really long.” So lesson learned I guess. Back to the short ones!

    Annnnd, no worries about coming off as a stalker!

  3. ooooo, conflict on the message board…

    what!? the internet story was the BEST yet. quality over quantity all the way in my opinion. also, found two great illustrations to go along with the story.

    maybe the listeners would appreciate an explanation of why you’re actually doing the show?

    note: i originally was going to post two paragraphs hypothesizing what i believe to be the motivation for the show. However, i then realized that my thoughts were probably ruin the essence of what show is all about in the first place. uh, i saved them if anyone is interested.

    … whatever, I’m probably just high from having too much coffee.

    keep up the show goodness.

  4. ahh, found another ring for zach.

  5. while we’re getting it all out there, my sister informed me that she didn’t like episode 10 because it “wasn’t very funny.”

  6. it wasn’t.

  7. No way. The Facebook status update voice was hilarious. It kept me laughing while reading Facebook for a week.

  8. I think those tattoo shows are lame. It’s always sentimental stories. They never have dude coming in to get his third fish tattoo, or drunk guy getting a Chinese character.

    Also, “spectator-wear.” I like that concept.

    And finally, RE: Episode 10. It was an enjoyable listen. But nothing compelled comments. Don’t take it personally. I love your show.

  9. I’m going to agree with Zach N. on the tattoo shows. I don’t mind the sentimental stories as much as the contrived drama in the lives of the tattoo artists. Kat Von D comes across as the world’s biggest phony.

    That said, they are all pretty phenomenal tattoo artists and the tattoos themselves are generally amazing.

  10. i can’t decide if kat von d is hot or not.

    is hot or not still a website? they should re-do it but just have all kat von d pictures, and then they can keep a tally of overall whether she is truly hot or not.

  11. I think instead of buying Zach a crazy wedding band, he should just get a wedding band tattoo on his ring finger. That way it can look like whatever you want it to look like and it would be permanent, just like love. Also, I would be disappointed if somehow a diamond dolphin doesn’t fit into the wedding plans.

  12. i’ve taken to reading zach’s facebook posts in the facebook update voice. so far, this one is the best:
    “I gotta say, while really well done, this McVeigh Tapes MSNBC special is borderline apologist.”

  13. Erin, Kat Von D is hot. Ask Sean Clancy.