Episode #9!

Tales of wedding bands, our first listener challenge/giveaway, embarrassing stories,
the time Javelins met Steven Baldwin, and high vs. low art.

Articles referenced in the “Internet Blow Ya Mind” segment:
Wikipedia entry for Steven Baldwin
Window cleaner killed himself with giant souvenir pencil, inquest hears
8 Unconventional Ways to be Buried
Cops: Man Copies Key On Test Drive, Steals Truck

Songs discussed in the “Music Review” segment:
Ashlee Simpson – “Little Miss Obsessive”
Miley Cyrus – “See You Again”
The Mountain Goats – “This Year”


  1. Erin, Zach is just trying to get out of wearing a wedding band. Mike tries to pull that all the time. “Oops, I forgot it on the nightstand.” Don’t fall for it!

  2. The Mountain Goats guy sings like the Thermals guy. (I’m not wild about either, but maybe you’ll like it.)

    Also, I just bought a Taft ring on ebay for like $30 (shipping included).

    I’ll sell it to you for $50.

    Also, J/K.

  3. oh man, i never put it together that the mountain goats singer sounds like the thermals singer, but that is totally correct.

  4. Just have to say, Episode 9 is my favorite so far. I laughed so hard I almost barfed.