Episode #8!

Dumbledore dies, and Erin tells a chilling ghost story. What is energy anyway? Can online poker players hack the mainframe? Erin gives everyone a great crime update. Plus, hurricanes and rogue waves.

This week’s “Would You Rather” questions:

– Hit every red light for the rest of your life, Or always be wrong?
– Have to spend the next 4 years repeating the fourth grade (at your current age), or spend 1 year in prison but you’re innocent.

This week’s tunes:

Standard Fare – “Dancing”
Twin Sister – “All Around And Away We Go”

Editorial note: Zach thought the Standard Fare song in this week’s episode was called “Standard Fare,” but it is actually called “Dancing.” A note to all MP3 blogs, please come correct with your tags.


  1. 1) according to the USC student directory, Pratt Daddy is a political science major.

    2) let the record show that i answered the tornado/zombie Would You Rather last week.

    3) can i make a request that next week’s podcast include an update about the West Memphis Three? i’ve been wondering!

  2. 4) bizarrely, several hours after listening to this week’s podcast, i have the Crime Update “jingle” stuck in my head.

  3. I really doubt that Spencer Pratt is the marketing genius you think he is. Given the number of massive douche bags in the world, it just seems like a matter of probability that one of them would have captured people’s imaginations and be able to command stupid amounts of money to whore himself for the media.

    Have you seen the episode of ‘South Park’ (I think), when they sacrifice the celebrity a la Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’? That’s who Spencer Pratt is. He’s like a walking, talking train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of.

  4. Oh and of course the 4th grade. You still get to come home at the end of the day.

  5. Red lights + 4th grade

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t tell the best part of your engagement! How Zac called me and asked if I would like to meet for a beer. Then proceeded to drive over 70 miles to ask for permission to marry my daughter. Of course I told him we would not allow a “Fat Jesus” in our family but I finally relented and said “Yes”, just as long as he continues to make you laugh! But how noble! First class all the way!

    Love the ghost story, as for the cat obsession, I wonder where that all started???? Thanks!

    Keep laughing! Love, Dad

  7. I tried chat roulette and some shirtless dude asked “where are you?” and I said “Seattle.” Then he looked up, realized he was no longer speaking to the person he thought, and said, “Not you, tool saddle!” nexting me before I could reply. It was awesome. Then a bunch of dudes jerked off.

    1. red lights

    2. forth grade, because you won’t get stabbed there, and summers off!

    3. Zombies

    Standard Fare was really cool. Thank you.

    Finally, I thought I saw a ghost once when my former band was sleeping in an old meat-packing plant in North Carlina. I decided to ignore it since I thought (mistakenly) that ghosts can’t hurt people.

  8. Geek Squad shout out! My boss told me that Pogo (always referred to as “my Pogo,” much like “the Google”) is “A gaming site loved by hillbillies.” I had no idea it was also the social networking application of choice for fucked up, multi-dimensional love-/deception-pentagons.

    The would-you-rathers always remind me of a long-running debate I had with a few friends in college: Which would be more dangerous: 1,000 chimpanzees released on campus or 1,000 crocodiles released on campus? To make it more thematically compatible, which would you rather have released on your campus / in your place of work / neighborhood?

  9. pat-

    i lol’d at “the google” and “my pogo”…so amazing.

    also, i hear that chimps are super mega dangerous…like that lady last year who got her faced ripped off. i feel like i could outrun a crocodile, and if i couldn’t, then maybe i could at least survive with just a missing foot or something. so i pick the crocodiles.

  10. zach-

    you “mistakenly” thought ghosts can’t hurt people? what do you mean?!?! because i too have been under the impression that they can’t hurt us. i read that in a book once, that no one has ever really been killed or hurt by a ghost. please tell me i haven’t been living a lie.

  11. okay, lets see, 4 years in fourth grade or ass raped… gosh hard choice.

  12. My sister told me that they can push people down stairs and slap people and stuff like that. I wouldn’t mess with them.