Episode #6!

In this episode, we talk about Snowmageddon and Jack Hanna’s puddy arm. Plus, Erin gives you an epic crime update (clap clap!).

Articles referenced in the “Internet Blow Ya Mind” segment:

‘Idol’ Winners: Not Just Fame but Big Bucks
History in the Remaking
Urban legends from Meiji-period Japan
Spencer Pratt spent $500,000 on crystals this year alone!

Songs discussed in the “Music Review” segment:

Breakbot – “Baby I’m Yours (Feat. Irfane)”
Frightened Rabbit – “Nothing Like You”
Glasser – “Tremel”
The New Pornographers – “Your Hands (Together)”


  1. Last time i saw Frightened Rabbit live the front man did in fact resemble a puffy bear.

  2. ….zombie kid….

  3. Hey guys….who do you think is going to get kicked off Idol tonight….also what is the deal with “Big” Mike?…i thought that guy was kicked off months ago because his dad spilled the beans that he had made it through hollywood week….thoughts?

  4. i think you are confusing big mike with another person. either way, i am not a fan of big mike. he freaks me out. he is like 8 ryan seacrests.

  5. I think the show notes for episode 6 are a great addition. I’m all about show notes for podcasts so I can visit the references used in the show. Also, do diamond dolphins count as crystals?

  6. Kurt, yes. Yes they do.

    “Spencer Pratt Spent $500,000 on Diamond Dolphin Crystals This Year Alone!”

  7. How anyone could not like ‘The New Pornographers’?

    I recommend Ottawa based band The Hilotrons.

    Oh, and I also don’t get any feeling toward Spencer Pratt other than a deep wish to punch him in the face.

  8. I would like to shake Spencer’s hand, and then judge him, but also secretly respect him.

  9. I love these show notes. They are going to come in handy when you guys have 100s of episodes and are professional podcasters.

    Also – Matthew is correct that Big Mike’s Dad spilled the beans that he made it to the top 24. Somehow the Idol overlords forgave this contract violation but still felt that they were in the right for kicking off Chris Golightly, which is a whole other can of silly worms.

  10. Vampire weekend on SNL… bitches

  11. sznwpyas…


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